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Adele V Matrix – A Brief History Guide

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Understanding the Adele V Matrix:

A Comprehensive Guide As an Adele main in MapleStory, I’ve spent countless hours delving into the intricacies of the Adele V Matrix. Optimizing your V Matrix is absolutely essential for bringing out the true potential of this powerful class. In this in-depth guide, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to master your Adele’s V Matrix.

What is the Adele V Matrix?

The Adele V Matrix is MapleStory’s skill enhancement system tailored specifically for the Adele class. It allows you to power up your core abilities in the following ways:

  • Boosting skill damage
  • Reducing cooldowns
  • Enhancing mobbing and bossing performance
  • Increasing critical rate and damage

Think of the V Matrix as a customizable toolkit for maximizing your Adele’s capabilities. By carefully selecting, enhancing and organizing your V Matrix nodes, you can truly unleash Adele’s unrivaled strength.

A Brief History of the Adele V Matrix When Adele first burst onto the scene in MapleStory, there was a mad scramble to uncover the optimal V Matrix setup. The original Adele V Matrix guide prioritized:

  • Lowering the cooldown of Aether Forge for huge burst damage
  • Maximizing Hunting Decree for superior mobbing
  • Striking a balance between bossing and mobbing nodes

Over time, through rigorous testing by top Adele players, the V Matrix meta evolved. The focus shifted towards specializing your matrix for either mobbing or bossing, while still incorporating core staples like:

  • Boosting critical rate and damage
  • Enhancing key skills like Cleave and Ruin Force
  • Improving survivability with Eternal Ether and Sharp Eyes

Today, we have a highly refined understanding of how to tailor the Adele V Matrix for peak performance in any situation. And I’m here to share that knowledge with you.

Choosing the Right Nodes for Your Adele V Matrix

Picking the perfect set of V Matrix nodes is both an art and science. You need to prioritize based on your primary goals – mobbing, bossing, or a hybrid of both. Here’s a breakdown of the most important nodes for each archetype:

Bossing Node Priorities When it comes to maximizing your bossing potential, focus on these key Adele nodes:

  1. Boosting Aether Forge and Resonance for maximum burst damage
  2. Enhancing Hunting Decree and Wonderous Enigma
  3. Raising Critical Rate with Sharp Eyes
  4. Improving MP sustain with Eternal Ether

By pouring your resources into these core bossing nodes, you’ll dramatically increase your DPS against tough bosses like Lucid, Will and Gloom.

Mobbing Node Priorities To achieve lightning-fast mobbing and leveling, prioritize these Adele nodes:

  1. Maximizing Cleave’s damage and vertical reach
  2. Boosting Hunting Decree and Ruin Force
  3. Enhancing Flying Swords for passive clearing
  4. Lowering Jaunt cooldown for rapid map traversal

With an optimized mobbing node setup.

you’ll be tearing through maps and filling up EXP bars in record time.

Hybrid Node Setup Can’t decide between mobbing and bossing? You can strive for a balanced V Matrix by investing in:

  • Moderate cooldown reduction on Aether Forge & Resonance
  • Mild Hunting Decree and Cleave boosts
  • Some points into Sharp Eyes and Eternal Ether
  • A few levels of Flying Swords and Jaunt

This hybrid setup provides solid performance in both mobbing and bossing scenarios, making it perfect for general-purpose Adele play.

Recommended Boost Nodes for Adele As a rule of thumb, aim to create perfect trios of your core V Matrix boost nodes. Here are the top trio priorities:

Aether Forge – Resonance – Ruin [Boss] Hunting Decree – Wonderous Enigma – Ruin [Boss] Cleave – Hunting Decree – Ruin Force [Mobbing]

Try to get two perfect trios of each of these key node sets. Feed duplicates into your main trios to maximize their boost levels.

Essential Special Nodes for Adele In addition to your boost nodes, make sure to slot in these pivotal special nodes:

  • Holy Symbol: +16% EXP, +35 ATT, +19% IED
  • Decent Sharp Eyes: +10% Crit Rate, +20% Crit Dmg
  • Eternal Ether: Regenerate +15% Max MP per 10s

These special nodes provide immense value and are universally useful for any Adele.

Adele V Matrix Optimization Strategies Now that you understand the key components of the Adele V Matrix, let’s explore some advanced strategies for truly optimizing your node setup.

Perfect Node Trios A perfect trio is 3 boost nodes that synergize together with zero wasted slots. The goal is getting two maxed out perfect trios of your main boost node sets. To achieve this:

  1. Open nodes until you get a perfect Aether Forge, Resonance, Ruin trio
  2. Feed any “semi-perfect” trios with 2/3 ideal skills into this main trio
  3. Fuse leftover boost nodes to fish for more perfect trios
  4. Repeat this process for your Hunting/Wonderous/Ruin and Cleave/Hunting/Ruin trios

With patience and perseverance, you can achieve an Adele V Matrix filled with maxed perfect trios to crush any challenge MapleStory throws at you.

Cooldown Reduction Breakpoints Reaching certain cooldown (CD) reduction breakpoints makes a huge difference in how often you can cast important abilities like Aether Forge. Here are the Aether Forge breakpoints to shoot for:

Aether Forge CD Aether Cycle Interval Resonance Casts 60s [BASE] 120s 1 52s 105s 1 45s 90s 2 38s 75s 2 30s 60s 2

As you can see, dropping Aether Forge’s CD from 60s to 30s lets you cast Resonance twice as often within a full Aether cycle. That’s double the burst damage potential!

Leveling Priority When you’re starting out, focus on leveling your boost nodes first before worrying too much about perfect trios. Key early leveling priorities:

  • Aether Forge, Resonance, Ruin 🡪 Level 15+
  • Cleave, Hunting Decree 🡪 Level 10+
  • Eternal Ether 🡪 Level 5+
  • Holy Symbol + Sharp Eyes 🡪 Max Level

Once you have a solid foundation, you can start to perfect your trios and branch out into other supplemental nodes.

Utilizing Legion and Link Skills The Adele V Matrix doesn’t exist in a vacuum. To get the most out of it, you need to leverage your Legion board and Link skills strategically.

Adele’s Legion Effect At Rank SSS, Adele provides a substantial +100 STR Legion effect. This translates to a major boost in attack power, which scales tremendously with your V Matrix. To optimize your Legion:

Max out Adele’s level to reach Rank SSS quickly Assign Adele to the STR grids on your Legion board Aim for 6k Legion level to max STR grids for +240 STR

Here’s a chart showing the Legion effect at each rank:

Rank Strength Increase B +10 A +20 S +40 SS +80 SSS +100

Link Skills for Adele Certain Link skills provide a huge power spike when paired with a properly built Adele V Matrix. The top Link skills to aim for are:

  • Kanna – +10% damage
  • Demon Avenger – +10% boss damage
  • Luminous – +10% Ignore Enemy Defense
  • Ark – +10% damage vs normal monsters
  • Illium – +10% Critical Damage

Combine level 2 or 3 Link skills with your V Matrix for crazy damage numbers and ultra-efficient mobbing and bossing.

Adele Skill Build To maximize the impact of your V Matrix, you need to allocate your skill points properly as you level up Adele. Here’s a recommended skill build progression:

1st Job Max: Blade of Will, Magic Dispatch, Jaunt Priority: Jaunt 🡪 Blade of Will 🡪 Magic Dispatch

2nd Job Max: Perfection, Ruin Force, Ruination, Strive, Bladecaster Expertise Priority: Bladecaster 🡪 Perfect 🡪 Ruin Force 🡪 Ruination 🡪 Strive

3rd Job Max: Flying Swords, Magical Finesse, Deadly Evasion Priority: Flying Swords 🡪 Magical Finesse 🡪 Deadly Evasion

4th Job Max: Aether Forge, Resonance, Levitation, Hunting Decree, Cleave Priority: Aether Forge 🡪 Resonance 🡪 Hunting Decree 🡪 Cleave 🡪 Levitation

Hyper Skills Max: All Hyper skills for Bladecaster, Perfection, Ruination, Strive Priority: Perfection 🡪 Ruination 🡪 Bladecaster 🡪 Strive

This skill progression syncs up perfectly with your V Matrix, allowing you to efficiently put your enhanced skills to work while training and bossing.

Adele’s Mobbing and Bossing Capabilities A refined Adele V Matrix elevates the class’ already superb mobbing and bossing performance to godly levels. Here’s why Adele is an absolute monster at both map clearing and boss killing:

Mobbing Strengths

  • Huge vertical hurtbox on Cleave wrecks multi-platform maps
  • Summon Flying Swords for crazy map coverage
  • Jaunt and Levitation for rapid map traversal
  • Trio to reduce Ruin Force cooldown for faster clears

Bossing Strengths

  • Massive burst damage with Aether Forge + Resonance combo
  • Crazy hit counts from Hunting Decree + Wonderous Enigma
  • Survivability from 100% uptime on Eternal Ether and Damage Absorption
  • Sustained DPS and Crit Rate from Sharp Eyes and passive skills

With the right V Matrix setup, Adele can dominate at both mobbing and bossing, making it one of the most versatile classes in MapleStory.

Leveling and Gearing Adele To get your Adele to the point where it can take full advantage of an optimized V Matrix, you need to level efficiently and gear up strategically.

Training Guide Here’s a quick leveling roadmap for Adele:

  • 1-30: Beginner quests in Maple Island and Lith Harbor
  • 30-60: Grind at Golems in Perion, Gold Beach
  • 60-100: Drakes in Sleepywood, Sand Rats in Magatia
  • 100-140: Robos in Ludibrium, Bains in Leafre
  • 140-200: Kerning Tower, Omega Sector, Fox Valley, Twilight Perion
  • 200+: Reverse City, Arcana, Morass, Esfera, Moonbridge

Aim to reach level 200 to unlock your V Matrix slots. Then focus on getting to 220, 235, and 250 to max out your slots. Do your 5th job advancement quests and Arcane River dailies to gain tons of EXP and Arcane Force.

Best in Slot Gear To truly bring out the potential of your V Matrix, you need to be decked out in top notch gear. Here’s the end game BiS gear setup to strive for:

Weapon: Arcane Umbra Katana

Secondary: Deimos Katana or Fearless Warrior Emblem: Gold Maple Emblem (Adele Hero) Hat: Arcane Umbra Counterwave Top: Arcane Umbra Lithe Bottom: Arcane Umbra Undine Shoes: Arcane Umbra Vet walker Gloves: Arcane Umbra Lucent Gauntlet Cape: Arcane Umbra Knight Cape Belt: Superior Engraved Gollux Belt Shoulder: Absolab Knight Shoulder Face: Sweetwater Tattoo Eye: Sweetwater Glasses Earrings: Reinforced/Superior Gollux Ring: Kanna’s Treasure, Superior Gollux, Reinforced Gollux, Meister Pendant: Dominator Pendant, Superior Engraved Gollux Badge: Genesis

Aim for at least 17 stars on your Arcane gear and 21+ stars on your Absolab and Gollux equips. Prioritize %ATT, %STR, and %Boss Damage potential lines.

Inner Ability For your Inner Ability, aim for these optimal lines:

  • First line: +20/+30 STR
  • Second Line: +20/+30 Attack
  • Third Line: 20/30% Boss Damage, 35/40% Buff Duration, or 8/10/12% Cooldown Skip

If you can get Level 2-3 potentials on even one or two of these lines, it will make a massive difference in your damage output.

Perfecting Your Rotation and Combos Adele’s V Matrix isn’t just about slotting in the right nodes – it’s also about executing combos and rotations efficiently to maximize the power of your enhanced skills. Here are the bread and butter combos you need to master:

Bossing Combo Aether Forge 🡪 Resonance 🡪 Hunting Decree 🡪 Wonderous Enigma

  • Use Aether Forge and immediately cast Resonance
  • Spam Hunting Decree until Resonance ends
  • Unload Wonderous Enigma after the Hunting Decree debuff expires
  • Repeat when Aether Forge is off cooldown

Mobbing Combo

Cleave 🡪 Ruin Force 🡪 Hunting Decree 🡪 Flying Swords

  • Obliterate multi-platform mobs with Cleave
  • Use Ruin Force off cooldown for AOE
  • Cast Hunting Decree off CD and hold down the key
  • Summon Flying Swords while moving between platforms

Once you build the muscle memory for these optimal rotations, you’ll be dishing out insane damage while smoothly clearing maps. Practice on dummies and in boss practice mode to hone your skills.

Funding and Gearing Strategies

Enhancing your Adele V Matrix doesn’t come cheap. To fund your node-buying, you’ll need a steady stream of mesos and Nodestones. Here are some proven moneymaking strategies:

Daily Bosses Do your daily boss runs to accumulate mesos, Nodestones, and sellable gear drops. Some lucrative options:

  • Zakum [2x day]: Potions, Elixirs, Accessories
  • Horntail [2x day]: Potions, Elixirs, Pendants
  • Hilla [1x day]: Necro Gear, Potions, Elixirs
  • Pink Bean [1x day]: Potions, Trait Boost Items
  • Arkarium [1x day]: Potions, Elixirs, Accessories

Ursus and Maple Tour Ursus provides a huge daily meso income. Run it twice during 2x meso hours for max profits. Maple Tour is another steady meso stream – clear Floor 15 as many times as you can per week.

Farming Mules Get mule characters to level 200+ so they can wear meso gear. Then park them at maps like Slurpy Forest Depths and Cavern Lower Path to farm mesos while you train your main.

Crafting and Merching Level up your Professions like Smithing, Accessory Crafting, and Alchemy. Craft high-demand items like Meister Rings, Cubes, and Potions to sell for hefty profits.

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